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When we learn to tame our thoughts 

the answers arrive effortlessly....


Professional Coaching

Whether you're a Rising Executive or Mid-Level Manager, more effectively navigating within today's business environment requires new ways of operating. Confidential support with proven tools & techniques will help you step into your natural potential.

Conscious Leadership

Great leadership today requires many skills, primary among them:

the ability to remain calm during crisis, to tap into a realm of reflective knowing, to constructively respond rather than react, and  to empower others to do the same.


Groups &


​*Higher Consciousness

*Know Your Story

 ...and we make better choices & decisions
 in Business & in Life.


Lisa Jacoby loves when her clients open to mindful new ways of communicating that help them become more effective and empowered at work and in life. A former Fortune 500 Vice President and co-publisher of Natural Awakenings Fairfield County, Lisa is a professional and personal coach for individuals and organizations, leading stress resilience seminars and conscious leadership training for businesses, and personal growth seminars for individuals.

Known as LJ to her friends, empowerment teacher and author of What I Know to Be True, Six Simple Words to Set you Free, Lisa has studied higher consciousness for more than thirty years, training with a variety of enlightened teachers, and in a variety of ever expansive energetic methods and modalities. 


Lisa actively works with and serves on the board of The Extended Family, a non-profit organization

providing meaningful engagement for exceptional adults. 


Lisa Jacoby

LJPC Coaching & Consulting



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