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What I Know to Be True


What if you could retain your sense of self, your sense of equilibrium, even in the face of life’s most difficult and painful lessons? What if you could let go of what others think about you, your actions and your choices, thereby reclaiming your personal power? Instead of being consumed by your problems and emotions, what if you could respond to them with grace and ease? What if you could connect to your deepest wisdom to feel calm and secure, regardless of circumstance?

Lisa partners with holistic psychotherapist, Caroline Temple, to provide powerful, experiential workshops designed to maximize individual and collective talent.

Together, they create a safe and supportive environment, allowing participants to identify and subsequently nourish their innate talents and gifts, needed to succeed in a changing world, while naming and releasing the unconscious blocks that limit those talents from being used to their fullest.


The workshops are based upon the core teachings of their book,

What I Know to Be True: Six Simple Words to Set You Free. 

“Working with Caroline and Lisa was fun, yet grounded in method; relaxing and restorative, yet designed with a complete devotion to breakthrough and revelation. It was exciting and energizing to see members of my team come alive in so many different ways.”    Kanya Balakrishna, Co-Founder, The Future Project 

Learn more about What I Know to Be True workshops, the practice, and the book.

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