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Lisa gave me the confidence I needed to get through this difficult time in my career. She gave me advice and tools that made an immediate impact. Even after our first conversation, I felt rejuvenated and had a more positive outlook on my issues. I would recommend Lisa to anyone wanting to make a career shift or having struggles in their current career. Her experience, honesty & calm demeanor will lead you in the right direction.                                                                                                                                             -- GC, Director of Merchandising

Lisa is a personal development professional with the ability to analyze situations and get to the heart of the matter instantly, in addition to being an unbelievably good listener. She is a retail veteran with vast experience across multiple functional areas, adept at dealing with we creative types with seemingly limitless patience and the ability to see things from a calm and logical viewpoint. I value her advice and balanced perspective immensely! 

                                                                                                                                       -- MB, VP Design      

I have been taking your suggestions and have made good progress with a client I didn't think I would make any headway with and did!! I had to pitch for this big financial conference and got more responses and "yes's" than expected. Thanks for your help!!

                                                                                                                 -- AP, Senior Account Director


Thank you for being such a fantastic support and mentor. Since I have gotten a promotion

 I, in turn, am promoting you to Chief Best Coach Ever!                     --BB, Chief Creative Officer

Thank you so much for traveling with me through my journey of discoveries, expanding my mind, and peeking through new doors of thought. With your expertise and insights I had a phenomenal year and I’m looking forward to more of our explorations!                                                                                                                                                             --LM, Planning Specialist

Working on creative problem solving with Lisa was inspiring and highly productive. We reviewed our design process together and identified areas that needed to be streamlined, behaviors that were preventing success within the organization, as well as ideas on how to manage through them.                                                               -- SA, Divisional Design Manager

I have learned to communicate more clearly, recognize my worth and contributions in the bigger picture and learned how to be an effective manager with Lisa's guidance. I look forward to our sessions because they leave me invigorated, peaceful, focused and smiling. 

                                                                                                      -- LW, Sr. Digital Account Manager

Within the very first hour of talking with Lisa, I was already on the way to a better mindset. She has a keen ability to recognize issues and provide immediate ideas on new ways of thinking. She helped me change a negative mindset and find peace with my current work situation. Always a pleasure to talk to such a positive influence!

                                                                                                 -- DA, Creative Operations Manager

Lisa was able to help me organize and prioritize current and future goals along with offering great tips on maximizing internal/virtual communication.                       -- LC, Project Manager

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