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Higher Consciousness Seminars

We all want peace in our lives. When we become peaceful we can

see things for what they really are & make better life choices.

Interactive sessions tailored for those who are new to or wish to deepen

their exploration of higher consciousness, those seeking deeper meaning in

life, those who wish to follow their spiritual path in a more meaningful way.


Each one-hour Higher Consciousness class focuses on a specific topic of inquiry and includes:

  • A brief meditation designed to focus on the topic of the day

  • An interactive discussion

  • Teachings around the topic

  • Resources to help you deepen your understanding

  • Home practices to help you integrate teachings into your daily life


Topics include Mind-Matter-Spirit, Pure Consciousness, the Field of all Possibilities, the Seeds of Success, the Source of Abundance, Universal Laws, and many others.

Contact me to bring Higher Consciousness Seminars to your venue.

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