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Stress Resilience: From Stress to Success

Empowering valued employees to navigate workplace overwhelm

and make winning contributions.

Concerned about stress and drama in your workplace? 

Help your employees master the skills and mindsets they need to create profit-enhancing collaborations, productivity and success.


You get it―tending to the health and well-being of your employees is vital to the success of your company. You care deeply about them, appreciate their contributions and know it’s critical employees stay focused and productive to meet your goals and expectations.

And yet, traces of overwhelm or frustration, worry or conflict ripple through the workplace, undermining enthusiasm and productivity. You know your team is capable of so much more, but how do you inspire greater commitment and action in this environment?

We understand. And there is a solution.

From Stress to Success is the proven strategy you need to help your team feel positive, engaged and empowered.

Customized to serve your unique workplace, From Stress to Success:

  • Recharges and equips employees to face daily challenges with greater ease and confidence, which contributes to heightened productivity and innovation.

  • Enhances employee satisfaction and loyalty to their jobs and common goals, which reduces costly distractions and turnover.

  • Helps your employees get fully back to business, with renewed excitement and determination to carry out your company’s mission.


The result?

From Stress to Success frees your employees to focus on greater individual achievement and more effective collaborations that ensures the enduring, profitable success of your company.

“Five stars. Highly recommended. Working with Caroline and Lisa was instrumental to our growth, but more importantly, to our understanding of working with each other. They provided practical & direct feedback and exercises that worked in real time. No gimmicks, just results to assist in getting your company to a better place.”     Georgette Pascale, CEO & Founder, Pascale Communications

Lisa partners with holistic psychotherapist, Caroline Temple, to lead stress management workshops in the workplace. Since 2008―when they co-authored and published What I Know to Be True: Six Simple Words to Set You Free―Lisa and Caroline have brought relief and excitement, inspiration and results to individuals and executives across the United States. Through their innovative workshops and coaching programs, Lisa and Caroline help participants discover what it means to tend to their emotional well-being at work. As a result, participants unearth, trust and live by their inner wisdom and authentic power, and reach for their full potential.

Contact us to bring Stress Resilience Seminars to your organization.

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